Funding programme launched by Childrens cancer charity based at Leicester

A national childhood cancer charity based at our University is launching a new funding programme for research into rare and under-funded cancers affecting children – including the UK’s only dedicated fund to support research into the health of cancer survivors.

CCLG (Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group), hosted by Leicester Cancer Research Centre, is launching the Research Fund Programme, which will allow families and members of the public to support research into specific aspects of childhood cancer, with the benefit of fundraising support and expertise from CCLG.

Two of the funds will raise money for research into rare and under-funded cancers affecting children. The third will focus on the health needs of children who have survived cancer, known as ‘late effects’, and will be the only dedicated fund in the UK to support research into this area and other issues facing childhood cancer survivors.

Ashley Gamble, Chief Executive of CCLG, said: “We’re proud to be launching our Research Fund Programme to raise a significant amount of money for much-needed research into aspects of childhood cancer which don’t get as much recognition as they deserve. The Life After Childhood Cancer Research Fund is particularly unique because research into the health of cancer survivors is a relatively new and emerging area of study.

The new research funds will complement CCLG’s successful Special Named Funds programme, which allows families to create a Special Named Fund in memory of their loved ones to support ongoing fundraising, usually for research into a specific type of childhood cancer. The Special Named Funds Programme has more than 30 active funds and raised more than £450,000 in 2018.