Building more inclusive creative spaces

Leicester researchers will be holding a free public event to discuss ways in which creative cities, communities and workplaces can be made more inclusive.

The event, on Thursday 14 June, is organised by CAMEo, the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies working with the Leicester Urban Observatory, who have invited a range of speakers to reflect on the nature of creative place-making in a diverse range of cities, towns and international contexts.

The event will discuss what makes for a creative place in arts, media and cultural production and what are the different ways in which people can make creative places more inclusive, collaborative and communitarian.

CAMEo Director Professor Mark Banks said: “We look forward to collaborating with Leicester Urban Observatory and welcoming our speakers who will each offer their own unique insight into the ways in which place and space help shape cultural and artistic production, and stimulate collaborative encounters, and how some of the traditional exclusions that have limited participation in such places can be challenged and overcome.”

The ‘Creative Places, Co-Working and Community’ event will take place on Thursday 14 June between 5:30 – 7:30PM at the LCB Depot in Leicester.