Researchers invited to share their specialisms with the public

The unique Lunchtime Lecture series, where complex academic research is made accessible to members of the public through 20 minute presentations, has finished for this academic year, and will resume on 5 October 2018.

The collaboration between Leicester’s Adult Education Centre and the University’s Doctoral College has seen over 25 lectures over the past year, with academic speakers, including doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from across Departments and Schools. Topics have included medieval literature, architecture, identity and culture, white dwarf stars, blood pressure in acute stroke, and a great deal in between.

Researchers are now encouraged to submit their interest in speaking at the 2018/19 sessions.

Previous speakers said the following about taking part:

  • “I think that it's an excellent opportunity for the University to engage with its local community. It brings 'gown to town' and produces shared understanding.”
  • “It is not a bad challenge to have to emerge from academic specialism to explain yourself to a public audience...”
  • “I had a lot of questions and good solid debate from a well-informed audience. I really enjoyed it.”

Each lecture should be approximately 20 minutes in length, aimed at an audience of the general public and it should address both the aims and the rationale of your specific research topic. Research students may find training on delivering talks to non-specialist audiences useful and can find booking information for these workshops here.