Politics expert gives evidence to House of Lords Committee on security challenges facing the UK

A Leicester expert has contributed to a House of Lords inquiry on international relations and foreign policy.

Dr Andrew Futter from the School of History, Politics and International Relations has shared his expertise on security with a Parliamentary committee.

He presented to the International Relations committee’s inquiry into “UK foreign policy in changed world conditions.”

Dr Futter’s latest book ‘Hacking the Bomb’ has recently been published by Georgetown University Press. This book is the first ever study of the cyber threat to nuclear weapons, provides the first ever comprehensive assessment of this worrying and little-understood strategic development, and it explains how myriad new cyber challenges will impact the way that the world thinks about and manages the ultimate weapon.

The book cuts through the hype surrounding the cyber phenomenon and provides a framework through which to understand and proactively address the implications of the emerging cyber-nuclear nexus. More information can be found here.