Researcher speaks at international conference in Pakistan on effects of expanding tourism on heritage sites

Dr Ruth Young (pictured) from our School of Archaeology and Ancient History recently spoke at the 1st International Conference on Makli, in Sindh, Pakistan on how uncontrolled tourism can cause threats to heritage sites.

Makli is one of the biggest cemeteries in the world, complete with medieval Islamic tombs for a number of rulers and elites in Sindh, as well as 1000s of tombs for ordinary people over hundreds of years.

Ruth’s talk covered the role of WH listing in developing sites and tourism at lesser known sites, and critically thinking about whether or not WH listing was an advantage.

“Those who heard the talk were prompted to think more about the value of WH as a concept, and about the importance of cultural resource management, both at Makli itself and in relation to other heritage sites around the region and world,” Ruth said.

The event attracted considerable interest within Pakistan, with national TV crews interviewing many delegates.