Honorary graduates January 2018 Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey, the Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority and a former Executive Director of the Bank of England, received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from our University at our graduation ceremonies on Friday 26 January.

He was born in Leicester and educated at Wyggeston Boys’ Grammar School and Queen’s College, Cambridge. After university, he became a research officer at the London School of Economics before joining the Bank of England in 1985.

Andrew joined the Financial Services Authority in April 2011 as Deputy Head of the Prudential Business Unit and Director of UK Banks and Building Societies. In July 2012, Andrew became Managing Director of the Prudential Business Unit, with responsibility for the prudential supervision of banks, investment banks and insurance companies. Andrew is now an executive FCA Board member and Chief Executive.

Andrew Bailey said: “It is a great pleasure to be awarded an honorary degree by the University of Leicester. Leicester is my hometown and I went to school at what was then Wyggeston Boys, close neighbours of the University. It is very encouraging to see the University thriving.

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