Geological Society of London honour for geology professor

Jan Zalasiewicz (pictured), Professor of Palaeobiology at our School of Geography, Geology and the Environment, has been awarded the Prestwich Medal for 2018 by the Geological Society of London.

This medal is awarded each year to recognise advances made to the science of geology.

Jan said: “I am delighted to receive this honour from the world’s oldest geological society, but most importantly thank all of my colleagues, both at the University and beyond, who have been crucial to the scientific progress that has been recognised by this award.”

Jan in his career has worked on ancient environments that range from the recent Ice Ages to the long-vanished oceans of the early Palaeozoic Era, half a billion years ago. 

Most recently he has been involved in analysing the remarkable geology of present and future times, though the rapidly growing Anthropocene concept.