Creative achievements for Criminology in Practice Masters students

A selection of students on the University’s Criminology in Practice MSc course have recently illustrated their creative flair.

As part of the ‘Preparing for Placement’ module, students were tasked with writing a reflective portfolio. Through interactive workshops, students explored and developed their own voice in order to link theories learnt on the course to practical situations- from negotiating the right placement to preparing for their first day in placement.

Students submitted impressive works, including a song entitled ‘People with Voices’, a reflective poem, photovoice images and photography.

Dr Wendy Fitzgibbon, Reader in Criminology, said “Reflection is never easy, it requires knowledge, honesty, insight and self-awareness.

“Our students showed an incredible ability to enter into this process and not only to write with integrity and eloquence but to reinforce their ideas with original creative materials. Some students illustrated their work with photographs, poems and one student even composed and performed a song and video.

“The students were apprehensive regarding this module as it was “challenging and different” but their assignments demonstrated how far they all individually travelled during this learning process and how they embraced the opportunity to work in an innovative way.”