Theyre bloomin early

The Botanic Garden will once again usher in springtime with two Crocus Sunday events showcasing the early springtime blooming of the flower.

One of the first flowers to bloom in spring, crocuses are coming back to put on a spectacular display throughout the Sandstone Garden in front of Beaumont Hall.

To celebrate blooming of the beautiful Woodland Crocus, Crocus tommasinianus, the Garden will be open to the public on two Sundays, 18 February and 25 February, from 10am to 4pm. Continuing with its tradition to support local charities, entrance to the Garden will be by donation to Hope Against Cancer.

Richard Gornall, Director of the Botanic Garden, commented: “This is a wonderful display that far too few people get to see. It’s a bright spot in an otherwise quiet time in the gardening calendar."

For more information, please contact Botanic Garden at 0116 271 2933, or visit their website