Students and Staff explore brand new Digital Reading Room

The University's brand new Digital Reading Room, a collaborative learning space where students and staff can explore the digital world through a variety of new interactive facilities, opened for the first time today.

Located on the ground floor of the David Wilson Library, the room has been designed to encourage creativity and experimentation, boasting a touchscreen table and interactive wall which can be used for a variety of purposes- whether it be showcasing research, brainstorming group presentations, or even using its variety of interactive games during study breaks.

Those who prefer to work on a smaller scale or even individually can use the room’s range of plug-and-play (bring-your-own-device) workstations when working between lectures or meetings.

The new Digital Reading Room is part of the University-wide Digital and Learning Space Strategies, which will see the University transformed into a campus that puts digital and collaboration at the heart of the institution.

The University’s key strategic priorities in place to achieve this include creating a digital learning environment, developing digital skills and capabilities, ensuring that technology is pervasive in learning spaces and digitising the student journey.

Caroline Taylor, Director of Library, Learning and Information Services and University Librarian said: “We are delighted to be opening our new Reading Room designed to showcase our digital and learning spaces strategies. Throughout the planning and design process we have received much positive feedback from our students and academic staff and we now look forward to working together with them to develop it as a vibrant, creative place for digital teaching, study, learning and research.”

Ross Parry, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital), leading the University's new Digital Strategy and 'Digital Campus' initiative, said: "This is, in part, an exercise and experiment in 'letting go'. It's the University turning to its students and staff and looking to them to lead and show the possibilities of an amazing space such as this. Instead of locking down machines, and restricting access, the new Digital Reading Room is something fresh and new – a place to work with your own tech, your way. And as such it's our commitment to personalised and connected learning and research made physical – and digital!"

Students have reacted positively to the new facility:

"The room is nice, and it's great that you can still work without having to be in a really focused environment."

"It's really fun"

"It's great that we can use the room and still have coffee while we study"

"The room is really easy to use"

"It looks great, really modern"

"I think if I'm working with a group or coming to the library with my mates I'll definitely use the interactive wall and table"

"It's great for chilling out after you've been working. With the stress of dissertation writing it's nice to have somewhere like this to go"