Faith facility improved

The University of Leicester has refurbished a faith facility for the benefit of its students and other users.

The prayer room in the Charles Wilson Building used by the Islamic Society has seen a refresh with new paint and improvements to the ventilation, lighting, shoe storage and ablution facilities. In addition there is a new carpet appropriately marked for prayer.

Kirsty Woodward, Director of Campus Services, said: “It is incredibly important that the facilities we provide our students are appropriate and seek to enhance their time with us, hence why we have invested in the facilities used by our award winning Islamic Society.”

Representative for the Islamic Society Mahmoud Shehab added: "The University of Leicester and the Students’ Union have led by example, demonstrating that their ultimate priority is the students. We are honoured to have access to such prestigious support and high quality prayer facilities. It has been great working with the University and Union over the past few years and we look forward to carrying on this exemplary relationship.”

The official re-opening is being organised by the Islamic Society for Wednesday 14 February at 2pm.