Adrianna finds her calling talking internet safety with Leicesters young people

Teaching school children about the importance of staying safe online has inspired final year Criminology student Adrianna to pursue a career in the criminal justice system that will involve working with children.

Adrianna has spent the past two years delivering lessons and workshops to children in Leicestershire with the Warning Zone charity. Warning Zone is a Life-Skills Centre and children safeguarding charity that educates young people on understanding risks and consequences, peer pressure, anti-social behaviour, grooming, cyber-bullying and more.

Adrianna said: “I’ve always volunteered in my spare time, because I think it is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have, so I wanted to find something to do whilst attending university.

“My role with Warning Zone as a Volunteer Guide is to deliver lessons on those issues to the kids through interactive games and discussions. It’s a great place, because the kids think of it as a fun day outside of school, not even realising how much they learn.

Following her graduation in the summer, Adrianna plans to undertake further study- a decision that has been greatly shaped by her time with Warning Zone.

She added: “After graduating this year I plan to do a Masters course in the Department of Criminology; volunteering at Warning Zone has made me consider future work in an area of the criminal justice system involving work with children.

“If you think you might want to volunteer, go for it! It’s an invaluable experience that can teach you so many skills, make you stand out from the crowd and give you the satisfaction of doing something great for your community.”

  • The University’s Career Development Service has supported the recruitment of student volunteers for Warning Zone.  Any students interested in volunteering with Warning Zone or finding out about other volunteering opportunities should email Participation in volunteering activities can be used to complete the Leicester Award.