Love is in the air at Leicester

Graduates Jason and Alix were pricked by Cupid’s arrow while studying at Leicester – and are now celebrating getting engaged

Students joining the University of Leicester can expect a world-class education and a great environment to socialise and try new things.

But Leicester is also a place where love can bloom, as graduates Jason and Alix discovered during their time studying here.

And now these two lovebirds have taken the next step in their romantic journey by getting engaged - with Leicester in mind.

Jason, who studied Management (Finance) at the University met Alix (who studied Psychology) in 2011, during their first year of studying at Leicester. They both took up residence in John Foster halls – Jason in the Foxton building and Alix in Eaton, where they first laid eyes upon each other.

“One of my housemates met Alix at the registration to the course and they became friends right away,” Jason says. “Alix was invited to a pre-drink in our flat one evening - a couple of weeks after starting at Leicester - and it was here that we met.

“We were friends initially, talking frequently via text messages with the odd friendship date here and there. Then, in our second year, I took my chance to ask her on a serious date - the rest, as they say, is history.”

Last weekend (Sunday 26 August, 2018) Jason and Alix returned to the campus where they fell in love in order to relive old memories. Jason planned on proposing to Alix during their visit, though unfortunately bad weather prevented him from doing so – though the rain was not enough to dampen their spirits, and he later proposed at Lichfield City Centre, near where they both live. Alix said yes, and the two now look forward to planning their wedding together.

Leicester – both the city and University – provided Jason and Alix with great memories and experiences that encouraged their return visit.

“I loved the multiculturalism of Leicester,” Jason remembers fondly. “We went to the Diwali festival one year - it was a surreal experience and I’d encourage anyone to attend if they have a slight interest. There was a lot to do within the city - plenty of places to eat out, drink and shop.

“The nights in the Students’ Union and Republic at the University were some of my fondest memories. The Students’ Union is a great place to go out, and with Clarendon Park being so close it was really convenient too! I would also say those late and long nights in the library with a flask full of coffee, a laptop and a great selection of books are great memories too.”

Alix has similarly fond memories of her time at Leicester.

“First year was filled with socialising and endless nights out; mainly at the Students’ Union and Republic - nothing could beat Red Leicester and Shabang,” she says. “I made so many great new friends! I absolutely loved living in John Foster halls and would definitely recommend going catered to continue all the socialising. Some of the best times were spent exploring Leicester; shopping in the Highcross for a new party outfit, socialising with friends at the cafes on Clarendon Park and spending sunny afternoons in Vicky Park. I couldn’t have asked for better memories!”

Alix also has some good advice for new students starting out at Leicester.

“One thing I would say is to try and maximise the first few weeks of finding a society to join, as I found this a lot harder to do in second year and wish I had joined the dance or tennis teams,” she said. “Second year really helped me grow in independence, as I had some fantastic times living in Clarendon Park with three of my friends from first year. I loved all the cooking and baking I did with my housemate! Third year really took a step up with my course, and I have some great memories of the lectures and working in the wonderful David Wilson Library.”

Both Jason and Alix have found success in their professional lives as well since leaving the University. Jason is employed as a Financial Adviser at Newell Palmer in Wolverhampton and is at the time of writing studying towards Chartered Financial Adviser status. After graduating, Alix initially worked as an Assistant Director for a tuition organisation called Explore Learning. After two years of launching a new centre in Stourbridge, Alix took over as the Centre Manager in the Redditch Explore Learning centre, where she now works.

“I can honestly say the three years I spent at the University of Leicester were the best three years of my life,” Alix said, reflecting happily on her experience studying with us.

We’re all wishing Jason and Alix many more happy years together.