At Leicester we are committed to providing the best opportunities and getting the best out of our students

Clearing is an exciting time of the academic year and we are proud to welcome new students to come and study with us.

For Diane Fothergill (pictured), an admissions officer at Leicester, 2018 marks her 40th year welcoming students to the University.

Diane joined the University of Leicester on 14th August, 1978, where she began in the Admissions team as an office junior. Over the years the Clearing process has changed considerably from how things were when Diane first started in the role.

“Clearing was not such a big event in 1978,” Diane recalls. “I do remember an admissions tutor from the Department of Chemistry - Dr Mike Blandamer - very well though, as he was a frequent visitor to the Office with his list of clearing applicants that he was expecting to join the University.

“At that time, we received the A-level results in books direct from the various examination boards, so it took us much longer to look up results for our applicants using their school centre and candidate numbers. The office only had one external telephone line, and all communications were by post. Things generally happened at a much slower pace.”

Over the years, the pace has quickened, with far more students applying for positions at UK universities and many more people in place to eagerly answer phone calls.

“It’s a very highly pressured time of year and an awful lot of preparation is required beforehand,” Diane admits. “Results day and beyond can be very stressful and we receive many phone calls and emails over that period.”

Despite the pressure, though, Diane takes great pride in speaking to students who are applying to University and helping to guide them on the first step of their journey into Higher Education.

“It is lovely to be able to speak to students who we are able to accept,” Diane says. “At Leicester, I think we can pride ourselves on being a friendly place with academic staff who are committed to providing the best opportunities and to getting the best out of our students.” 

Our University’s first major brand and recruitment campaign launched last week. The space themed brand campaign celebrates the University’s campus based space research centre and our reputation in space technology, showing potential students that the University of Leicester really is the place to launch yourself into your future.

The campaign features this week on TV, cinema, social media and national press. It will run over the next six weeks.

  • Leicester is the UK’s leading space city, home to the National Space Centre, Space Park Leicester and the University of Leicester’s #outofthisworld space research.

The campaign advert is available to watch here: