Expert opinions cover Zuma masculinity Facebook data railway reforms the NHS and social media

James Hamill from our School of History, Politics and International Relations wrote an article for The Conversation discussing how Zuma’s presidency may be over, but his toxic legacy seems likely to haunt the ANC.

Dr Sarah Goldsmith from our School of History, Politics and International Relations recently talked about her work which focuses on the history of masculinity and the 18th-century.

In an article for The Conversation, Dr Natasha Whiteman from our School of Media, Communication and Sociology discussed how the review process provides a forced opportunity to pause and reflect on the potential risks and challenges of research.

Dr Heather Connolly from our School of Business reflected on the on-going strike action in France. Railway trade unions have begun three months of rolling strikes from April-June 2018 against reforms to their employment rights. The outcome of this dispute will be decisive for the government and its ability to make further reforms, and for the very future of the French trade union movement.

Professor Rodger Charlton from the Leicester Medical School recently discussed how General Practice has changed over the years to tie in with the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

In an article for The Conversation, Dr Daniel Allington from our School of Media, Communication and Sociology discussed how the Labour Party continues to face difficulties in responding to accusations of anti-Semitism against its members.

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