Alec Baldwin learned from Joe Orton for awardwinning performance

The influence of Joe Orton can be seen in an Emmy-winning performance, according to a recent interview by an academic expert of the Leicester playwright.

Yesterday, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin won an Emmy for his impersonation of President Donald Trump on famed American comedy show Saturday Night Live.

However, the influence behind Baldwin’s anarchic satire in the sketch is closer to home than one might initially think.

In a recent interview with Dr Emma Parker from our School of Arts, Baldwin discussed the impact that acting in Orton’s plays continues to have on his approach to comedy performance.

In his words, “There’s a place where you have to take it…I learned about comedy from them [Orton’s characters], I learned from him.”

Baldwin’s history with Joe Orton dates back to 1986, when he made his Broadway debut in a revival of Joe Orton's Loot alongside Zoë Wanamaker, Željko Ivanek, Joseph Maher, and Charles Keating.

In July of this year, Baldwin played a key role in the event Yours Faithfully, Edna Welthorpe (Mrs), which was a tribute to Orton for the 50th Anniversary of his death. Baldwin recorded a special message for the Leicester audience and even wrote a letter in the style of Orton’s Edna Welthorpe.

Watch the full interview between Dr Parker and Alec Baldwin: