Leicester Criminologist invited to provide expert evidence on the intimidation of Parliamentary candidates and on combatting religious intolerance

Professor Neil Chakraborti (pictured), Head of the Department of Criminology and Director of the Centre for Hate Studies, was invited to give expert evidence at two key events in London on the 12th and 13th September.

On 12 September Professor Chakraborti attended a meeting of the Committee on Standards in Public Life where he provided expert input as part of the Committee’s ongoing review into the intimidation of Parliamentary candidates. The meeting focused on a range of issues, including the nature of intimidatory behaviour as expressed on social media, the evolving relationship between public office holders and the public and the implications of online intimidation for Parliamentary candidates and their families. Further information about the review is available here.

On 13 September Professor Chakraborti was invited to meet with the Republic of Turkey’s Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mr Ömer Çelik at an event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in London. The event brought together a number of key stakeholders and experts to identify ways in which efforts to combat racial and religious intolerance in the UK and throughout Europe could be replicated in the Republic of Turkey. Further information about the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry for EU Affairs is available here.