Expert opinions cover Juno museums Cassini Ethiopian dams and the business of bikes

Dr Jonathan Nichols from our Department of Physics and Astronomy has been highlighted in a number of media outlets, including the Daily Mail, the Verge and Wired, discussing stunning auroras on Jupiter discovered as part of NASA's Juno mission, which our University is the UK formal lead of. More information about our involvement in the Juno mission is available here.

Robin Clarke from our School of Museum Studies has outlined how museums need to be critical and consider what the impact of discussions and debates might be on others.

Dr Leigh Fletcher from our Department of Physics and Astronomy has written an article discussing how after almost twenty years in space, the Cassini spacecraft is now just seven days away from its final encounter with Saturn.

Dr Charlotte Smith from our School of Business has written an article discussing tensions between amateurism and commercialism.

In an article for The Conversation, Dr Sean Avery from our School of Geography, Geology and the Environment has discussed Ethiopia’s GIBE III hydropower dam and the huge controversy that has surrounded this project.

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