Expert opinions cover Antarctic volcanoes referendums and the menopause

Professor John Smellie from our School of Geography, Geology and the Environment has written an article for The Conversation discussing how the eruption of volcanoes situated strategically close to any of Antarctica’s ice streams could cause significant amounts of ice to be swept into the sea. This is off the back of around 100 'new' volcanoes being recently discovered beneath the ice by scientists who used satellite data and ice-penetrating radar to search for hidden peaks.

In an article for Democratic Audit UK, Dr Ben Clements from our School of History, Politics and International Relations observes how the political and ideological alignments underlying support for withdrawal from the EU were markedly different in 1975 and 2016.

Jo Brewis, Andrea Davies and Jesse Matheson from our School of Business have written an article for The Conversation discussing how important it is that the menopause is no longer ignored by employers.

Dr Jonathan Nichols from our Department of Physics and Astronomy has been highlighted in a number of media outlets, including the Daily Mail, the Verge and Wired, discussing stunning auroras on Jupiter discovered as part of NASA's Juno mission, which our University is the UK formal lead of. More information about our involvement in the Juno mission is available here.

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