Engineers contribute to creation of new ultra-high performance electric sports car

Engineers from our University have helped in the development of a new, ultra-high performance, range extended, electric sports car project - HIPERCAR. 

Standing for High Performance Carbon Reduction, the project is destined for full release in 2019 and production by Ariel Motor Company in 2020 alongside the Atom, Nomad and Ace. As with other Ariel Motor Company vehicles the focus of HIPERCAR is on extreme performance, agility and usability, now coupled with zero and ultra-low emissions. 

To be available in four wheel drive and two wheel drive variants HIPERCAR will offer enhanced performance utilising cutting edge, UK developed technology and will be built in Somerset, England by Ariel Motor Company. 

HIPERCAR, with a model name yet to be decided, is not just an Ariel Motor Company production car but also a launchpad of UK developed technology into other niche, medium volume and ultimately high volume production.  

A team from the University’s Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Centre (ASDEC) has been closely involved with the project.

Martin Cockrill, Technical Specialist at ASDEC, said: “ASDEC has deployed tools to support Ariel Motor Company with project HIPERCAR. Ensuring maximum knowledge is obtained from the prototypes, to support the body design, simulation and development process.”