Upcoming dates for Professorial Inaugural Lecture series announced

Academics from the University of Leicester will discuss their areas of expertise as part of the Professorial Inaugural Lecture series, with new dates announced for the final months of 2017.

The lectures are both open to the public and free to attend, providing the opportunity for family and friends of academics as well as members of the public to gain an insight into their cutting-edge research. The final lectures for this year will run from October to December, covering a breadth of departments and specialist subjects.

In October, Professor Don Jones from the College of Life Sciences will discuss his work on biomarkers, and their potential to transform clinical science. Later in the month, two Professors from the Department of Criminology will tackle societal issues such as social justice for sex workers and hate crime.

In November, Professor Zoe Radnor, Dean of the School of Business, will examine Lean - or the Toyota Production System. Subsequently, Professor Sarah Gabbott from the Department of Geography, Geology and the Environment will explain how the anatomy of animals can help to identify their fossil counterparts.

In December, Professor Shaun Cowley from the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology will discuss the 25 years he has spent studying mechanisms of gene regulation - the ‘molecular on/off switch’. The following week, Professor Sarah Knight from the School of English will evaluate the literary culture of early modern universities, in particular discussing the educational contexts that formed students in this period as thinkers and writers.