Leicester professor is most productive and cited woman in urban geography

In a recent article published in the journal ‘Urban Studies’, Lily Kong and Junxi Qian analysed texts published about urban geography and urban studies between 1990 and 2010. The study showed Professor Lees is amongst the top 20 most cited authors within urban geography, she is 17th, and the most referenced woman within the field.

Kong and Qian’s study also found that Professor Lees is the most productive woman in urban geography, the 24th most productive author overall.

“I did not realise that I was the most cited and productive female urban geographer in this period until I got sent this article, so I am understandably very pleased” said Professor Lees. “It would be interesting to see where I am now given that my productivity and citations have increased since 2010, for the 1990-2010 period included two maternity leaves. But for me it is my scholar-activist work on the ground that really counts as I use my urban research to inform more socially just urban policy and planning”.

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