Impact of Chinese students in Leicester is focus of TV programme

Dr Giovanna Puppin, Lecturer in Advertising and International Promotional Cultures in the School of Media, Communication and Sociology, recently featured on BBC Sunday Politics East Midlands, as she talked about the importance of understanding the impact of Chinese students in the city and region.

Part of the programme looked at the cultural and economic benefits that international students, more specifically Chinese students, are bringing to the East Midlands, and discussed also what can be improved in terms of communication and promotion.

The programme featured interviews with some of our Chinese students at and with Dr Giovanna Puppin, who holds a PhD in Chinese Studies, is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and is an expert in advertising, both in China and to China.

Dr Giovanna Puppin said: “An impressive number of Chinese students are studying, living and also consuming in Leicester, so it is crucial to make them feel welcomed, understood, valued. In this sense, an effective cross-cultural communication is key. With the aim of developing cultural sensitivity in local businesses towards the Chinese students, I presented a "Taster" at last year's Leicester Business Festival. I plan to organise more activities and events of this kind, also in the other direction: to include the Chinese students in the local community, and get them involved in what the city has to offer."