Geology researchers participate in Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society events

Founded in 1835, The Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society predates the University by over a century, yet it was an integral catalyst in the formation of the University of Leicester and much of our histories are entwined. To this day, the University and Literary and Philosophical Society maintain close links and it is in this spirit of collaboration that many of the our geology academics are presenting as part of the Literary and Philosophical Society's Winter Schedule for the organisation's geology section.

All events listed below are held at 7.30pm in Lecture Theatre 3, Ken Edwards Building, except where stated. Refreshments are served from 7.00pm and non-members are welcome to attend the talks.

For further information, please contact the geology section's Chairman, Mark Evans (0116 454 0231).



Wednesday 4 October
Dr Tory McCoy (University of Leicester). Soft tissue preservation in amber.

Wednesday 18 October
Prof Roger Mason. Ediacaran fossils and geoengineering in the gorges of the Yangtze River, China.

Wednesday 1 November
Prof David Siveter (University of Leicester). The Herefordshire Lagerstätte: soft-bodied virtual fossils from a Silurian volcanic ash.

Wednesday 15 November
Prof Mike Lovell (University of Leicester). Petrophysics in the kitchen.

Wednesday 29 November
Combined meeting on the Anthropocene: evening lecture by Prof Jan Zalasiewicz (University of Leicester). Title TBC.

Wednesday 13 December
Christmas Meeting, New Walk Museum, Leicester.



Wednesday 10 January
Dr David Holwell (University of Leicester). Mineral exploration in Zambia.

Monday 22 January
Parent Body Lecture, New Walk Museum, Leicester
Prof John Dewey (University of California and University College Oxford). Tectonic evolution of Earth.

Wednesday 24 January
Dr Tom Fletcher (University of Leicester). Hydrodynamics of fossil fishes.

Wednesday 7 February
Members’ Evening, New Walk Museum, Leicester.

Wednesday 21 February
Dr Geoff Warrington (University of Leicester). Mineralization in the Cheshire Basin.

Wednesday 7 March

Saturday 10 March
Annual Saturday Seminar, University of Leicester. The Life and Times of the Rutland Dinosaur.

Wednesday 21 March
Annual General Meeting and Chairman's Address by Dr Mark Evans (New Walk Museum, Leicester). Tales of collapsible skulls of the Oxford Clay and more: the Cryptoclidid plesiosaurs.