University of Leicester thrilled and delighted at Glenfield decision

The University of Leicester is a partner of Leicester’s Hospitals and has campaigned to prevent the decommissioning of  heart services at the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre (EMCHC).

President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester, Professor Paul Boyle and Professor Philip Baker,  Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Life Sciences, have both spoken out on the need to retain the service.

Professor Boyle said: “I am thrilled and delighted that this vital service has been retained for people from Leicestershire and beyond. By any measure, Glenfield is a very successful cardiac centre that has been expanded to provide a renowned high quality service. Retaining the service in Leicester is a boon for patients and means the vital work we do at the University of Leicester will continue to provide local benefits.”

Professor Baker, who is a non-executive director of Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “This is a resounding victory for Leicester and a testament to the value of the work done at Glenfield. The dedicated efforts by diverse organisations, groups and people to save this centre have paid dividends. The University of Leicester is committed to enhancing and improving health provision in Leicester and Leicestershire. The translational impact into clinical care is a major component of the University's world-class research and anything that would have decreased the quality of clinical care at the Glenfield site was of deep concern to us.”