Leicester students contribute to tourism development in city

A new programme developed by our University will help students contribute to tourism development in the city.


The students, who are currently taking the University’s MSc Marketing for Places and Tourism, will be contributing their ideas and plans to Leicester City Council as part of the ambitious course - which is the first of its kind in Europe - during a private event on Thursday 16 November.

Place marketing and tourism are rapidly growing fields of marketing practice in the world and have become increasingly important drivers of growth in Leicester.

It is with this spirit that the Marketing Division within our School of Business has invited Grant Butterworth (Head of Planning) and Brian Lisowy (Place Marketing Manager) from Leicester City Council to meet the international students.

These two guest speakers will be at the centre of a special session in which students will be briefed on recent trends and future plans in term of physical development, urban regeneration and city marketing within Leicester. From the following day, students will be called to dive into fieldwork sessions to study the city, with the aim to generate ideas for innovative tourist products.

This challenging assignment is part of the first module of the MSc, which is titled “Marketing Places: Tourism and Beyond” and aims to train students to attract and retain not only tourists, but also capitals, firms and also human resources such as citizens and workers.

Dr Giovanardi said: “We are honoured that the Council accepted our invitation and we hope that this will pave the way for a long-lasting collaboration”.