Expert provides top-level briefing on cyber threats to security

A University of Leicester academic has provided a high level briefing to experts on cyber threats to global security.

Dr Andrew Futter (pictured), who is Associate Professor in International Politics at the University, addressed the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group in London about the cyber threat to nuclear command and control systems.

The EASLG is chaired by former UK secretary of defence Lord Des Browne and includes over a dozen current and former very high level national security policymakers from the US, UK, Russia and across Europe.  

Dr Futter said: “It was an honour and a privilege to brief such a distinguished and influential group of people and to help them in their quest to reduce the global threats posed by nuclear weapons”.

Dr Futter, of the Department of History, Politics & International Relations, also separately took part in a track II diplomatic dialogue with Russian colleagues at the Russian International Affairs Council where he spoke about the future of global nuclear control and strategic stability. 

Earlier this year, Dr Futter became a Visiting Fellow at the Norwegian Nobel Peace Institute in Oslo. As part of this highly prestigious Fellowship Dr Futter provides help and guidance towards the Institute’s global nuclear security initiatives, and conducts research into the impact of emerging technologies on global nuclear order.