Expert opinions cover President Macron Zimbabwe China and Brexit

Heather Connolly, Associate Professor of Employment Relations at ULSB, has written an article discussing why President Macron’s labour reforms are a major test for France’s trade unions.

In an article for The Conversation, Dr James Hamill from our School of History, Politics and International Relations discusses how Mnangagwa will soon have to confront a series of dilemmas.

China is dismantling the barriers impeding a war-fighting posture. Does that spell the end of No First Use, questions Dr James Johnson from our School of History, Politics and International Relations.

Dr Philip Lynch, Associate professor in politics and Dr Richard Whitaker, Associate Professor in European Politics have assessed how the new government select committees look in terms of their members’ preferences in the EU referendum and how much has this changed since the 2015-17 Parliament. They have also considered the extent and possible effects of select committee composition in terms of the Leave versus Remain division

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