Crosscultural dialogue around themes of home belonging and refuge at Journeys in Translation event

On Thursday 23 November, an event hosted by the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies (LeCTIS) will explore the unifying aspects of poetry and translation.

The unique experience, organised in collaboration with the University of Sanctuary initiative and the Leicester Migration Network, will discuss poems from the anthology Over Land, Over Sea: Poems for Those Seeking Refuge (Five Leaves Publications, 2015). These poems are being translated into other languages as part of the Journeys in Translation initiative- which aims to facilitate cross- and inter-cultural dialogue around themes of home, belonging and refuge.

Participants in the event are:

  • Ambrose Musiyiwa - a multimedia journalist, poet, freelance writer and events’ organiser. Ambrose has translated a number of Journeys in Translation poems into Shona. His own poem, "The Man Who Ran Through The Tunnel", has been translated into many languages as part of the initiative.
  • Elvire Roberts - a British Sign Language (BSL)/ English Interpreter. As part of Journeys in Translation, Elvire has translated Trevor Wright's "Yalla" and Pam Thompson's "Dislocation" into British Sign Language.
  • Pam Thompson- a poet, performer, reviewer and writing tutor. Her poem, "Dislocation" has been translated into many languages as part of Journeys in Translation.
  • Liz Byfield- has worked in education and now writes poetry, takes part in open mic events and poetry and literature festivals. Her poem, "Through The Lens" has also been translated into many languages as part of Journeys in Translation.

This fifth instalment of the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies seminar series for 2017-18 will take place on 23 November in the Belvoir Park Lounge, 2nd floor of the Charles Wilson Building from 4.30 - 5.30pm. Afterwards there will be a mini reception until 6.00 p.m.

Dr Anna Milsom, Teaching Fellow in Translation Studies at the University and one of the organisers of the event, said: “Differences in languages and cultures are too often seen as insurmountable barriers, but poetry and translation can offer creative routes into understanding one another.

“We hope to attract a wide audience to this event from both within and outside the University and foster conversations that are perhaps especially pertinent in post-Brexit Britain.”

For further information on the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies seminar series, please contact Dr Anna Milsom

For further information on Journeys in Translation, please visit the Journeys in Translation Facebook page or contact Ambrose Musiyiwa

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