Animation raises awareness of emotional impact of type 2 diabetes

Michelle Hadjiconstantinou, a health researcher from the Leicester Diabetes Centre, has created a whiteboard animation for World Diabetes Day (14 November) to bring awareness of the emotional impact that comes with living with type 2 diabetes.

In the video Michelle talks about type 2 diabetes and emotions to remind us that psychological well-being matters as much as physical well-being.

Concepts in this animation were informed from meetings with service users living with type 2 diabetes. The aim of this animation was to bring awareness of the emotional struggles living with type 2 diabetes and that going through such emotions is normal.

This video introduces the term 'diabetes-related distress' which refers to the struggles and emotions that people may experience after their diagnosis.

Michelle said: “It is important to understand that if someone is feeling low, or concerned about their diabetes management, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are depressed. From service users’ feedback it was important to distinguish depression and diabetes-related distress and acknowledge these reactions.”

The video is available below: