Researchers to present evidence to Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry

Experts from our School of Business will deliver evidence to a Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry exploring the progress British business has made in carrying out its responsibility to respect human rights.

Dr Nik Hammer and Professor Peter Nolan, from the University’s School of Business, will meet the Committee to present their research in City Hall on 2 March.

The Committee will then meet various other stakeholders during their visit to Leicester including local factories and national fashion retailers.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights, chaired by Harriet Harman MP, has commissioned the inquiry to consider progress made by the Government in implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles on business and human rights.

This is a continuation of work by the University’s Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures to raise awareness of the problems and potential of garment manufacturing in the UK.

Dr Hammer and Professor Nolan recently presented their research to The Future of Work Commission which was initiated by Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

  • The Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures report ‘New Industry on a Skewed Playing Field: Supply Chain Relations and Working Conditions in UK Garment Manufacturing’ is available here.

Watch a video of Dr Nik Hammer discussing working conditions in UK garment manufacturing below: