Research to explore socioeconomic rights and global justice movements

Joe Wills (pictured) from our School of Law is to publish a new book investigating socioeconomic rights and global justice movements on Thursday 30 March.

The book, titled ‘Contesting World Order? Socioeconomic Rights and Global Justice Movements’ will be published by Cambridge University Press and seeks to explore what equality, dignity and rights mean in a world where eight men own as much wealth as half the world’s population.

Joe said: “The book explores the ways in which cross-border justice movements have engaged international human rights such as the rights to food, health and water to challenge entrenched political and economic orthodoxies of global governance.”

‘Contesting World Order? Socioeconomic Rights and Global Justice Movements’ examines how global justice movements have engaged the language of socioeconomic rights to contest global institutional structures and rules responsible for contributing to the persistence of severe poverty.

Drawing upon perspectives from critical international relations studies and the activities of global justice movements, the book evaluates the 'counter-hegemonic' potential of socioeconomic rights discourse and its capacity to contribute towards an alternative to the prevailing neo-liberal 'common sense' of global governance.

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