Expert opinions cover degree building Brexit and Gibraltar tinnitus and the BBC

The government says students should get transferable credits for modules and feel free to move between higher education providers. It sounds nice, but there are big risks, says Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Jon Scott in an article for the Guardian.

Dr Chris Grocott from the School of Business has written an article for Your Gibraltar TV discussing the fate of the country in Brexit negotiations.

  • 'Brexit and Gibraltar: 'To make the case for strong links across the frontier, we must make an appeal to common humanity''

Dr Jelena Dzakula from the School of Media, Communication and Sociology has written an article as part of the LSE's Media Policy Project on the future of the BBC.

Dr Martine Hamann from the Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour has written an article for The Conversation about research into tinnitus and what can be done to safeguard against it.

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