Leicester geneticist to deliver Richard III talk at international conference

Professor Turi King (pictured) from our Department of Genetics and School of Archaeology and Ancient History will be giving a Special Plenary Lecture at the 10th International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS) Conference in Dubrovnik, Republic of Croatia from 19 - 24 June 2017.

Her talk, 'Richard III: the resolution of a 500 year old cold case', will provide a fascinating insight into the groundbreaking discovery of the mortal remains of one of history’s most infamous rulers and how it brought an increased global presence for Leicester and the University of Leicester as well as archeological and genetic sciences.

Professor King has been involved in public engagement since the start of her PhD, and realised that the huge public interest in the Richard III project provided an opportunity to explain the science and interdisciplinary working to much wider audiences. Last year she was awarded the Presidents Award at the inaugural Discovering Excellence Awards 2016