Geology student presents on inspiring outreach work at international geological conference in Israel

Third year Geology Undergraduate Bea Baharier recently talked about her Holloway Trust funded outreach work and broader outreach in the Department of Geology in a talk titled “Challenging science through innocent curiosity” at the Israeli Geological Society annual conference, which took place on 22 March.

Bea’s talk was well received and enabled her to meet many professionals and academics in Israel including the chief scientist of the Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources of Israel.

Professor Gawen Jenkin from the Department of Geology said: “It is unusual for an undergraduate to speak at a professional geological society conference and it shows the wide impact of the outreach work by students in the Geology Department that is funded by the Holloway Trust.

“Bea’s work in trying to develop better understanding of geology by schoolchildren in Israel is important because geology, through its effect on hydrology and energy resources, has a strong influence on politics and conflict in Israel and the wider Middle East - the more people that understand geology, the better for resolving conflicts.”