Event to allow children to experience the spectacle of chemistry

Our University is staging a celebration of science for schoolchildren.

68 students from 17 schools in the local area will enjoy an exciting day of chemistry at the Salters' Festival of Chemistry to be held at our University in partnership with The Royal Society of Chemistry on Thursday 8 June.

During the morning the teams will take part in a competitive, hands-on, practical activity, “The Salters’ Challenge” – Who is the Prime Suspect? - in which they will use their analytical chemistry skills. In the afternoon, they will compete in the “University Challenge”, a practical activity chosen by the University, in which they will be required to identify different solutions.

This will be followed by a fun lecture, by Dr Richard Blackburn involving many bangs, flashes and colours along the way.

The day will end with a prize-giving at which all participants will be given individual fun prizes and participation certificates and the winning teams will be awarded prizes for their schools.

Dr Barbara Villa Marcos, the organiser of the event, said: “This event highlights chemistry is fun and has many practical applications. It provides pupils a value opportunity to consider chemistry as a career.”