International project to tackle risk crisis disaster and development management

Researchers from the Universities of Leicester and Sheffield, in collaboration with Kansai University in Japan, have received a prestigious funding award from Kansai University in order to develop a Future Leader programme for disaster risk management.

Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett, Professor Peter Jackson, Professor Sarah Dixon, Mrs Denise Corsel from the University of Leicester; Dr Paul Reilly from the University of Sheffield; and Dr Hideyuki Shiroshita, Professor Emiko Kanoshima, Professor Toshio Takatorige, Professor Toshihiro Kawaguchi and Professor Yoshinari Hayashi from Kansai University have been awarded the Kansai University’s ‘Grant-in-Aid for the Promotion and Upgrading of Education and Research’.

This collaborative research project will capture feedback from educators, governmental and non-governmental organisations, United Nations and students who have completed university courses relating to risk, crisis, disaster and development management to develop a bespoke programme for practitioners in Japan and the UK. It will study whether interlinkages of global conventions are kept up with the educational programmes provided by the HEIs in the UK and Japan. In doing so, the purpose of this project is also to inform HEIs in the UK and Japan how to improve their teaching and learning practices in order to develop future leaders worldwide.

The project was launched on 26 June 2017 at the University of Leicester and is led by Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett in the UK and Dr Hideyuki Shiroshita in Japan.