What Brexit could mean for the University sector

Professor Iain Gillespie, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Enterprise at our University, has commented on how UK universities and EU funding will be affected by Brexit - and the need for the government to provide answers.

In an article for Think: Leicester, Professor Gillespie says: “Decisions - like whether we will ask for a 'hard' or a 'soft' exit from the EU - will have serious implications for us at the University of Leicester and for people across the UK.

“We will work hard to limit the impact of Brexit on our colleagues and students, but the reality is that there is much in the long-term picture that we don't understand.

“Opt for hard Brexit – curtailing freedom of movement for study and work – and we would expect to see international student confidence in the UK fall.

“We will either be a hard Brexit or a soft one. For Leicester’s sake, for our universities, and for UK prosperity, let it be a soft one. And let’s have some answers soon.”