New exhibition inspired by iconic Leicester playwright Joe Orton to open its doors

A new exhibition inspired by the life and work of Leicester-born playwright Joe Orton will open its doors at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in London on Sunday 5 February.

The exhibition, titled ‘What the Artist Saw: Art Inspired by the Life and Work of Joe Orton’, which has been curated by Dr Emma Parker from our School of Arts and Michael Petry, Director of MOCA, will run until Saturday 4 March.

The exhibition, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the death of Joe Orton and celebrates LGBT History Month, features three artists: painter David Lock (Joe Orton’s nephew), sculptor Louise Plant and performance artist Tim Youd.

During the opening of the exhibition, Tim Youd will conclude retyping Orton’s Complete Plays on a single sheet of paper, a project he began on 20 January. 

Dr Parker said: “This exciting exhibition recognises for the first time the cross-fertilisation of literature and art in Orton’s creative practice; celebrates his artistic impact and legacy; and presents new responses to Orton’s  life and work through visual art.”

For further information about the exhibition ‘What the Artist Saw: Art Inspired by the Life and Work of Joe Orton’, visit the website here.