University researchers contribute to major BBC documentary

A team from our Department of Engineering has contributed to a major upcoming BBC documentary on sound.

As part of the project the researchers, from the Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Centre (ASDEC), used a measurement technique called ‘laser Doppler vibrometry’, which involves creating a 3D computer model and then using lasers to map vibrations.

ASDEC has been developed by the University of Leicester and funded by grants from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

Opened in 2014, ASDEC is an autonomous, off campus research centre specialising in structural dynamics.  Forging close links to industry and covering vibration testing, experimental modal analysis, CAE correlation and consultancy.

‘Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics’, which will be broadcast at 9:00PM on Thursday 2 March on BBC Four and is hosted by Dr Helen Czerski.

A video showing a trailer for Sound Waves is available here: