Prestigious Fellowship awarded to Leicester Mathematician

Dr Sibylle Schroll from our Department of Mathematics has been awarded a prestigious £1 million Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Early Career Fellowship to realise her ambitious research program on 'Graphs in Representation Theory'.

EPSRC Fellowships are personal awards, designed to provide the recipient with the necessary support to further develop themselves as a leader of the future by consolidating their position and research topic within the wider academic field, by establishing or extending their research group and by acting as an advocate for the STEM disciplines in general and the EPSRC specifically.

This type of award enables the recipient to devote most of their time to a program of activities to deliver their research vision.

The grant entitled 'Graphs in Representation Theory' EP/P016294/1, which is worth £1 million over five years, will allow Dr Schroll to build a team of post-doctoral and post-graduate researchers within the Department of Mathematics.

Dr Schroll said: “The last few years have seen exciting new trends in representation theory based on the introduction of modern combinatorial tools linked to graphs and surface geometry. At the same time a surprising breakthrough in the theory of wild algebras has opened new areas of research.

“In this project, my team and I will connect new areas of mathematics to develop new tools for the study of representations of wild algebras and apply the new results to one of the main open problems in number theory linked to Grothendieck’s dessins d’enfants (children’s drawings) introduced to parametrized the orbits of the action of the absolute Galois group, a central but little understood object in number theory.”