Leicester sows the seeds to grow more green graduates

Our University is on track to produce another crop of 'green graduates' ripe for the jobs market thanks to a programme set up by our Environment Team.

The APPLES programme, which is now in its second year, stands for Applied Learning in Sustainability and incorporates valuable life skills that students want and employers need.

It has provided numerous employability benefits to Leicester students, as well as volunteering opportunities aimed at improving the sustainability of the university and the local community.

This week, our University is also hosting the student organised Go Green Week with a range of exciting student-led events to help students and staff go green together and achieve a more sustainable University.

Up to 3,000 students were engaged in APPLES in its first year. The programme has three core elements: ensuring students are involved in decision making issues around campus; volunteering opportunities aimed at improving the sustainability of the university; and a £5,000 'Seed' fund which gives cash to students wanting to set up their own sustainable project on campus.

Sarah Roberts, of the University’s Environment Team, said:  "We’ve collaborated with different departments, the Students’ Union, community groups and local businesses in order to give students the best university experience we can. The aim is to create ‘Green Graduates’ and this means a wider understanding of complex sustainability issues that can be tackled using the skills we’ve helped them grow." 

The programme also encourages students to apply for Seed fund cash to set up their own business idea on campus. Students who are successful develop skills that can be used in their future careers including communication skills, project management, people management and budgeting.

More information about 'Hungry for Change' at our University: