Determined student overcoming brain injury secures a place at Leicester

The achievements of an A Level student who has secured a place to study at our University while working to overcome a brain injury have been celebrated by the charity who supported him.

Alex Barton, a 19 year-old student from Hertfordshire, is a prime example of tenacity overcoming the most challenging of obstacles. At the age of 15, Alex noticed one day that he was struggling to play the guitar with his right hand. An MRI scan and biopsy later confirmed that this was due to an inoperable brain tumour the size of a golf ball on his brainstem.

Since the discovery, Alex has been through a considerable amount of treatment, including proton beam therapy in the USA, and a three month stay at The Children’s Trust involving intensive neuro-rehabilitation.

Alex didn’t let his injury hold him back and has since gone on to achieve a distinction in Applied Science and A Levels in Geography and Geology. Alex’s determination and achievement has resulted in his being offered a place at our University to study Applied and Environmental Geology.

Though Alex still experiences regular challenges as a result of his brain injury, he is also heavily involved with The Children’s Trust, helping to raise awareness of brain injury and inspire other young people not to give up on their dream.

Alex will take up his place at our University in 2018 after taking a year out of education. He is currently in the US, mining for diamonds and where he also viewed the recent solar eclipse.