New edition of book detailing the architecture of University of Leicester published

The architectural histories of the University of Leicester and De Montfort University are detailed side by side in a new book by a respected architecture expert and graduate of Leicester.

Originally released in 2010, this updated third edition of ‘The Architecture of the Universities of Leicester’ by Dr Arthur Lyons is now available for purchase.

The new text notes changes that have taken place both for the University of Leicester and De Montfort University within the last five years, and among them includes new sites such as our Centre for Medicine on Regent Road.

Dr Lyons has strong personal connections with both the universities in Leicester. After successfully completing a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Leicester he took a further two-year post-doctoral research fellowship in the Department of Chemistry. Then, after a period in London, he returned to Leicester to teach construction materials within the School of Architecture at the former Leicester Polytechnic, now De Montfort University, where he stayed for 33 years, teaching materials and computer aided design to students of architecture.

Developments that reappear from previous editions have included our Engineering Building, designed by James Stirling and James Gowan, which is internationally recognised as a major icon of twentieth century architecture.

Later years saw the development of the David Wilson Library (pictured) at the University of Leicester and the Hugh Aston Business and Law Faculty Building at De Montfort University, both of which are described as highly energy efficient major developments which enhance the architectural and environmental quality of each campus.

The third edition of the book costs £29.99, and is available from Waterstones here