Salon event to explore creativity activism and social change at The Exchange Bar

The role of creativity and creative production in enacting social change will be explored at a public salon event at The Exchange Bar in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.

CAMEo, the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies at the University, is hosting the Creativity, Activism and Social Change salon, on Thursday 27 April 2017.

CAMEo invites the public to come along and join publishers, activists, cultural practitioners and academics in ‘a lively and critically engaged exchange of ideas and networking’.

The event will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by politically-engaged creative producers and activists at a time of austerity and political crises. It will ask what sets politically-engaged cultural production apart from other kinds of creative practice, cultural work and activism.

The evening will include guest speakers:

  • Anni Movsisyan, from sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, the London-based collective of emerging artists and thinkers
  • Marc Herbst, co-editor of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest
  • Jess Bain, lecturer in media and communication at the University of Leicester, who will talk about the anti-Trump Pussyhats protests

The evening will also see the launch of the first PLANK zine ‘Techniques of Art and Protest’. PLANK (Politically-Led Art and Networked Knowledge) research group builds connections between art and politics and between theory and practice.

The Creativity, Activism and Social Change salon hosted by CAMEo is on Thursday 27 April 2017, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at The Exchange, 50 Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1RD. The event is free and everyone is welcome.