Alumnus and entrepreneur encourages students to "be bold and don't settle"

The founder of the satellite technology company Planet, whose mission is to image the whole Earth every day, has been interviewed about his experience at University and how it led to the creation of his game-changing organisation.

He remarks that the most important thing that the University of Leicester gave to him was his ambition, and urges students to 'be bold - don’t settle'. After graduating from the University with a degree in physics and astronomy, Will went on to complete a PhD at Oxford University, later completing post doctorates at Harvard and George Washington University. He then went on to work for NASA for six years, before finally setting up his own company, Planet, building satellites - in his garage.

Will and his friends went from making satellites in a garage to launching over 200 of them on 13 different rockets – the largest fleet ever - thereby providing one of the most comprehensive satellite data sets of the Earth.