Undersea warfare in the wake of a new wave of technology

Experts are to gather in London tomorrow (13 September) to examine the challenges posed by new technologies to submarine based defence systems such as Trident.

The conference, co-organised by the University of Leicester, international affairs organisation British Pugwash and the British American Security Council, will address the strategic challenges posed by evolving new technologies and how this is shaping future warfare, particularly for the undersea battle space.

‘The impact of emerging technologies on the future of SSBNs’ takes place on 13 September at the National Liberal Club, Whitehall and will see leading scientists, technical experts and industry representatives present on breakthrough technologies in undersea sensing, communications, robotics and computing.

There will be a panel-led discussion on what the implications might be as these technologies mature for the development of counter technologies for submarine stealth, deterrence stability, and the decision to field a nuclear deterrent on submarines into the medium term.

Dr Andrew Futter from our Department of Politics and International Relations said: “With the recent Parliamentary vote to renew the “Trident” nuclear weapons system, concerns about the vulnerability of the submarines used to deliver the United Kingdom’s nuclear capability could hardly be more pressing.  New advances in undersea detection, cyber capabilities, missile defences, and other emerging technologies provide a serious challenge to the efficacy of this multi-billion pound system going forward."