One hundred Leicester academics writing articles for The Conversation

One hundred academics from across our University have written more than 180 articles for The Conversation, applying their research expertise to comment on topical news events.

The Conversation is a global platform for independent academic opinion, providing the worldwide doctoral student and academic community with the opportunity to comment on topical issues in the context of their expertise.

Articles published by Leicester academics recently have covered a wide range of interesting topics, including how migraines were taken more seriously in medieval times, the University's involvement in NASA’s Juno mission and how it will lift the cloudy veil of Jupiter and how a new fingerprint technique could revolutionise the way we solve gun crime.

With a growing community of more than 25,300 academics and researchers from 1,303 institutions, The Conversation is encouraging more Leicester academics interested in raising their media profile to become an author and pitch article ideas based on individual research expertise.

Our University also manages the platform for independent opinion, Think: Leicester, which provides academics and doctoral students with an opportunity to present their independent views on topical news. Think: Leicester articles have resulted in national media coverage and opportunities for academics.

Researchers interested in engaging with the media can also sign up to the University's Experts Guide by filling out this short form.

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Are you a doctoral student/academic at the University of Leicester? Would you like to contribute an opinion piece about your research or topical news to Think: Leicester? Contact the News Centre to pitch your idea or read our submission guidelines.