Pregnancy expertise from across the world to collaborate on health opportunities in China

A new project that will twin the expertise of pregnancy and obstetrics researchers across the world with their counterparts in China has been announced with funding from the Chinese government.

Professor Philip Baker, Dean of Medicine and Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Leicester, will lead a group of ten pregnancy researchers from around the world (Europe, North America, Asia, South America and Africa), including Tommy Mousa from the University, as part of a 111 programme project with Chongqing Medical University. Funding is for six million RMB (approximately equivalent to £600,000) over five years.

The network offers the opportunity to work on a range of projects that will benefit from resources unique to China, such as building the largest cohort of twins to determine the true extent of genes compared with environmental factors.

This network of pregnancy researchers is supported by the 111 programme offered by the Chinese government to facilitate collaboration between Chinese universities and the global research community. The Chinese government have funded 15 programmes, this programme being one of only two in medicine (the other in ophthalmology) and the only one in Western China.