Finance and physics to provide insight into markets

A new network of researchers led by our University aims to bring together the disparate fields of physics and finance to provide unique insights into financial markets.

The Econophysics Network (EN) has been established by the School of Business as a topic-based research group designed to create opportunities for exchange between researchers and stakeholders. It aims to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas on all themes related to econophysics by stimulating debates across disciplinary boundaries.

The network will be launched with an Inaugural Workshop bringing together leading figures in econophysics. It takes place on Monday 10 October at the School of Business in Room KE 527, Ken Edwards Building, Fifth Floor.

Econophysics is a new discipline that applies models from statistical physics to the study of economics and finance. It differs from the standard economics approach in the way of modelling/describing the occurrence of extreme values empirically observed in economic systems.

Organiser Dr Christophe Schinckus from the School of Business said: “This workshop is important for our emerging network. This event will offer a convivial opportunity for the members to interact and to share their interests in order to consolidate and develop the network.”

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